I woke up at seven o'clock. I had big brekfest. I watched TV after brekfest. About 10 o'clock I went to Jobcenter becouse I'm looking for job. I looking for job about three month. It is not eazy to find job. About 2 o'clock I had metting with my best friend. We had together lunch. Then we went to soppin center. We had great time. About 6 o'clock I made diner for my boyfriend. I made fish and chips. He was very happy about that. Now I'm writting my homework.
My favourite day is Saturday. I like this day a lot because this is free day at school. On Saturday I always meet my grandma and I vistit my best friends. I usually go to some shop with my parents or my family. On Satyrday I always surf the Net and watch TV too much. In the evening I must do my homework. I love this day ! ;dd