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Zad. 1
1. who were making a face at you ? < tego nie jestem pewna>
2. When did you take this picture?
3. How was he feeling yesterday?
4. Why were you laughing at me?
5. Who did you kiss at the party?
6. What did you think of the exhibition?
7. What he was staring at?
8. Where did you find that photo?

1. were crying
2. did send
3. did do
4. was talking

1. Who was she talking to?
2. Where did they go ?
3. Why were you crying?
4. Who did you hug ?
5. Why were they celebrating?
6. How did he travel?
7. What was he reading?

2. took this photo
3. did they spend
4. did you scream
5. did she say

Zad. 5
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1
e) 4

Strona 2
1. I took this photo when he didn't look.
2. We bought this souvenir when we were on holiday in Spain.
3. The teacher was annoyed because about half of the class didn't pass the exam
4. When I arrived at the party I realised that I forget a present.
5. My friend's didn't call me because they were busy.
6. The football fans were excited because they favourite team won.

1. crying , hugging
2. smiling, posing
3. frowning
4. kissing
5. screaming
6. making faces
7. staring

Zad. 7
1. I am always screaming when I see a spider.
2. I don't like when somebody is staring at me.
3. In very odd situations I am frowning.
4. I always try to keep on smiling.
5. When my friend is upset I hug her.
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