"Your teacher has asked you to WRITE A STORY for an international magazine. The story must begin with this words: (Choose a, b or c.)"

A funny thing happened...
a. during a lesson at school.
b. when I was out with my friends.
c. while I was shopping in town.

Uwaga! Chodzi o napisanie krótkiej historii (150 słów), a nie o samo wybranie odpowiedzi! A, b, lub c to jest wybór tematu, na który można napisać!



While I was shopping in town.. In the end of market in shadow stood suspicion lady. The lady was carrying a young boy. On her left side stood an old man. they were talking loudly, i was suspecting they arguing about something. The young boy take a lolly from the shell, then he disapeared. I proceed my shopping while comming to the next shell i saw the same lady with the same man, they has mooved. They've still arguing loudly. The child was getting from the shell jevellery, and another expensive products. Then an young left the shop without paying. I felt strange, when I saw the cuple left the shop behind the child. I feel confused today because I shoud call the police, or at least inform the security about this situation. What for i am writting about it? Because yesterday i saw this cuple whith child in other supermarket. They are arguing. I call the police but it is a shame for me, because they didn't stole anything. You must catch then in hot deed!