Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey Michael
How are you?. In me is great. I was on a trip to Paris and it was beautiful. Visited the monuments of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is an amazing sight.As we returned to the hotel we had to get back on my feet it was terrible.But everything ended well. It was a lot of fun. It looked rather like a circus.I finish it my short list. Yours sincerely Ola
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Hi , John !
My holidays is was realy great ! I spent with my family . We go to the Monacko . We stay in big 4 star*s hotel. For begin window it was sea . It`s look very good . A food was terrible . The water is hot in p.m but morning and evnig it`s cold . i think my holiday is realy grate .And Maroko is amazing country

love you,
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Dear Parents!

Just as I promised, I am writing a letter to describe my past experiences.
It is already the fifth day of stay. The time passes so quickly, and damage. Here is wonderful. Until I lack words.
Journey to the past talks and wygłupach. Just the night follies. While the first day was tiring, because almost everyone was exhausted to travel. Of course, not me. Raged with a friend almost the whole day.
Rooms may not be the prettiest, but who would it bother if you have a wonderful tenant.
Canteen is near, and the food delicious. Of course, not like yours, because nothing compares to your.
Every day is different. One day we go to the beach and another in the forest. Outdoor games in the woods are great. They have to demonstrate cleverness and agility.
The city is beautiful. Lots of shops. This is where to spend money!
Tomorrow we go on a trip to Ustroń Sea. Certainly will be great. Vases shall bring a souvenir from there.
I must finish this letter, because in 10 minutes I have a collection. We go to visit the city, so I can not be late. We warmly greet you and kiss. See you.


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