Chciałem prosić o recenzje filmu ( obojętnie jakiego) po angielski. Zadanie potrzebne jest na teraz !! Z góry dziękuje..... tylko jak możecie, żeby była ona przeciętna, bo nie jestem za dobry z tego języka i wątpię żeby pani mi uwierzyła jeśli przyniosę jej coś ekstra.



I wanted to ask that reviews of movies for english ( indifferently ). Now wanted task is on! It thanks from mountain (top). Only as you can, that (in order to) she (it) was average, because I am not for good from this language and I doubt that (in order to) you has believed me if I will bring something extra .
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Australia, producer base bases actor Luhrmann NICOLE KIDMAN, sort HUGH JACKMAN share of (action of) movie is carried on in australia during world war ii MORAL. Zone for australia with husband arrive meet (face each other), which (who) organizes conducting of cattles by rzekę.Niestety when husband is on place from (with) already display (turn out) not live. Farms for it sweat learn manager which (who) husband lead and manager has small from (with) bad character ciemnoskórego chłopca.Okazuje and I would like that think from land (earth) woman further przegonić przejąć.Zostaje zwolniony.Pani, friend of husband helps her (it) which (who) teach (learn) as cattle by river przeprawia. Policeman which (who) has been sent before leaving on route has boy znalez and mother in (to) along with in huge hangar with (from) place him (it) hide (cover) he (its; his; it) drown sierocińcu.Chłopiec woda.Niestety mata. Movie base on facts, a lot in it of drama, adventures, wars, love but at the same time battle about child. Magic partially, I advice good whole family duchów.Film, teenage one will be moved with certitude for (after) its (his) observing not boy.
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When Stephenie Meyer published his first novel, "Twilight", did not expect that it will become such a gigantic success. This intimate and really quite banal love story into a vampire teenagers generally do not like standing out from other such stories. And yet - was a hit as Harry Potter and has been translated into 20 languages. It is not surprising that almost immediately (the book appeared in 2005, and work on the film version began just two years later) was the idea to shoot a movie based on the best-seller. Now we can finally see your work of filmmakers