The first of September seven-Simon came to the first day of school. Mother took him there. When you crossed the threshold of the school saw his fellow Cubans, whom he knew from kindergarten.
- Hey Cuba! ? shouted Szymek
- Szymku Hi! To which class you attended? ? asked the boy
- For I a, and you!?
- Ja też ? Cuba responded
- I have an idea, can sit on the same bench? ? suggested Szymek
- Super! ? shouted Cuba
Boys and decided they did.
Simon was a better student and has always helped Cuba in science, and Cuba could play better ball, and was more athletic.
Cuba and Szymek were friends, helping each other. They knew that one always can count on another.
Colleagues were the only such class who so understood. Parents and teachers were proud of them, and for other children's shining example
I remember my first day at school very well. It was quite stressfull day for me. I didn't know anybody. I thought that no-one would talk to me. I couldn't be more wrong. My lessons started at 8 o'clock in the morning. I went inside the building and tried to find my class-room. When I found it I saw lots of students waiting for our teacher. I'm not sure if our first lesson was chemistry or biology. But I remember very well the boy with the glasses.
- Hi, I'm Darek, what's your name? - he asked.
- Grzesiek - I answered.
- Well it is our first day. How do you feel about that?
- It's alright - I lied, I was very scared. I didn't know if other students are going to like me. They did like me, so there was nothing I could worry about.
- Oh our teacher is coming - said Darek.
We went inside of our class-room. I didn't know where I can sit. Then Darek shouted:
- Grzesiek, Come here, I've got an empty seat next to me!
I did sit down next to my new friend.
After that lesson I met more friends. It was the best day I had at school.
When I went home I told my mum about this exiting day!

Mam nadzieję, ze może być :D