Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Baggins was Bilbo with Hobbit. He had over 50 years. He lived in the vicinity of Hill. He came from the wealthy family. Belladonna Tuck and Bungo were his parents Baggins. Bilbo was of short height. He had the belly stuck out. He had feet provided with the hard sole. His skin was covered luxuriant, dark and with the curly hair. The Hobbit had long, as well as nimble fingers. He got dressed colorfully, usually green and yellow. The Hobbit was very comfortable and calm. He didn't like the travel or walks, but he loved to sit down for oneself after the dinner and to light the pipe up. Bilba didn't leave a sense of humors. The same as all Hobbits he liked to eat the far better food.
Bilbo was very much hospitable. Willingly he entertained guests. The Hobbit was also brave and brave. During the fight he never escaped, but bravely he struggled with enemies. He had also a great intelligence. Thanks to her he could get out of every situation. An escape planned by him from the castle can be an example in barrels after the fault. When made some mistake, usually from the recklessness, he didn't deny the fault, because he was responsible for his acts. He didn't attach importance to the wealth, although he was rich. He has always been generous and cheerfully turned towards surroundings. And so he didn't have enemies or enemies.
On the Bilbo beginning of a journey he was calm and light-hearted. He didn't also feel like any adventures. With the passage of time he is becoming more and more independent and quicker. He already knows, how to act in situations like threats to life. He is also becoming responsible, seen as well as clever and sagacious. Bilbo is becoming the leader of the company. On their return home acquaintances regarded him as the Hobbit of it for the freak, since acted badly according to them. He ignored it completely, because he thought that he had made something large. He got to know also friends: of elves, brownies, and of Gandalf. In my opinion, Baggins was Bilbo with interesting hero. He decorated during the expedition himself with many positive features. I think, that everyone who is so as the Hobbit at the beginning of the expedition, should change and happen as Bilbo at the end of the journey. The transformation of the hero is exemplary. I think that everyone should be as the Hobbit after the expedition. He achieved a lot with one's effort and acts.