Proszę o pomoc, potrzebne mi są krótkie odpowiedzi do tych pytań na zaliczenie
1) W czasie pobytu w Anglii wyjechałaś na dwudniową wycieczkę z grupą ze szkoły i wróciłaś z kilkugodzinnym opóźnieniem. Opowiedz rodzinie u której mieszkasz:
- co spowodowało opóźnienie
- jak reagowali uczestnicy
- jak rozwiązano problem

2) Znajomy Anglik pyta cię o podróż w czasie której pojawił się problem z zakwaterowaniem. Opowiedz:
- na czym polegał problem
- jak został rozwiązany
- jak przebiegał dalszy ciąg pobytu

Z góry bardzo dziękuję:):):)



1) When we were coming back our bus broke down. Busdriver tried to fix the engine but he couldn't. Everyone was angry, because we were tired and we wanted come back home as quick as possible. After two hours came breakdown service and fixed our bus.
1) - Finally, I'm back. We were supposed to be here five ghours ago, but unfortunately our bus broke down on its way. The driver had to stop and he didn't know what to do because we were 200 kilometers from home.
- The people on the bus were scared because it was getting dark and the road we were driving was almost empty. When the driver told them that another bus would be there in five hours they were angry but when it finally arrived they were relieved and happy.
- We changed buses and we got home, five hours later than it was planned.

2) - I was on vacation last year. I had booked a hotel two months earlier for me and two of my friends. When we arrived to the hotel it appeared that someone had made a mistake and our reservation seemed to be cancelled. The hotel was full of guests and they didn't have a room for us. I was furiuos!
- The owner of the hotel apologised us for the mistake and rented us a big luxurious room in another hotel. He paid for it!
- The rest of our vacation was great. We were treated like some VIPs and we spent luxurious holiday in a five-star-hotel completely for free!
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