Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Pam,
Sorry I haven't written for so long but I don't have time for anything. I study all the time because my final exams in junior high school are coming! I'm taking the Polish exam, the Science exam and the English exam. I am so scared and nervous about it.
I study really hard. I go to extra English lessons twice a week. I also read a lot of books in the evenings. I am planning to go to extra Maths lessons. After school I always study something and do some English exercise. I try to learn at least twenty new words every day. I hope that this will be enough to pass the exams and get to a good high school.
Write to me soon and tell me your news.
Cześć!W liście chcę Ci opowiedzieć o moim egzaminie.Bardzo mi dobrze poszedł,.Był łatwy uczyłam się bardzo dużo,pomagała mi nauczycielka z matematyki,i koleżanka.Bardzo się bałam,że będzie trudny,ale było dobrze.Moja mama mnie też uczyła .A co u Ciebie słychac,jak tobie poszedł egzamin.Odpisz na mój list,pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Hi In the letter I want you to tell me about my well egzaminie.Bardzo went. It was easy I learned a lot and helped me with the math teacher, and koleżanka.Bardzo afraid that it will be difficult, but it was dobrze.Moja mother also taught me . How about you can hear how you went egzamin.Odpisz to my letter, I greet warmly.
G-dz 11 oktober 2009J

Hay.how are you? I lerne evry day because I have a exam.This test ist very dificullt.I think this is too much for me.I'm scared.My family solace me. They tell me I give advice. See you next month.