Czy ktoś mógłby mi to sprawdzić, czy jest dobrze napisane, jak są jakieś błędy to poprawić i przetłumaczyć na język polski.

English word it from words summary mass mass of (ministry of foreign affairs of) christ ( ) Christmas of Christ. It send away her (it) about twelfth in night with (from) 24 on 25 december. Biggest bell speak according to tradition in church before midnight (north) hour four cases (together; times), but all bells about midnight (north) precisely begin beating (scrambling) it start of holiday -, was from births in early the middle ages joy england christmas celebrated already Chrystusa.W. Then, first festive customs have been born . They were enforcement of christian content often early commemoration winter turning-point (ravine) pogańskim. Unfortunately, majority tradition later wymarła. Modern christmas has short history relatively it reaches victorian times -. Some customs, e.g. christmas tree and giving of present by st. mikolay, they are celebrated world-wide. However, england has personal too, nowhere met (faced each other) practices not.