I was going to big shop. I have bought new jeans and a beautiful T-Shirt. This T-Shirt is very colourful. Later I was going to the restaurant. I was eating very good lunch. I guess that a bought this day a very interesting.

In the morning I was eating breakfast. After breakfast I was going to the church with my friends. Later I do homework and I am learning. Till dark I am watching TV with my family. Later I was going to my bed.

A nie piszę bzdur, tylko chciałam sobie zaklepać miejsce. Przypadkowo coś napisałam i wysłałam.
4th November
Today is my lucky day! I went to school at eight o'clock and while I was walking in its direction I saw HER. I always wanted to go out with her but she seemed not to notice me at all. But today she looked me for the first time and she smiled at me! I dared to approach her and speak to her for the first time. We talked as if we knew each other for years. After a twenty-minute talk during the walk to school I asked her to go out to the cinema with me. And she said YES!!! I couldn't concentrate through the whole day at school. I was thinking only about her. We are meeting tomorrow and I hope everything will go fine!

5th November
What a disaster! She sent me an sms early this morning saying that she doesn't feel well and she can't come to the cinema with me. I'm not sure whether it is an illness or she has realised that she never wanted to go out with me. When I came to school I asked her friend if she really was sick. She said that it was true but told me not to worry. I couldn't concentrate again and this time I got a bad mark on Maths lesson. My father's going to kill me! But that's not important. I'm still thinking about her.

6th November
I went to school as usual. When I entered the school building I saw HER immediately. She was standing in the corridor and she was waiting for me! I'm the luckiest guy in the world. She asked me out! She suggested going to a cafe after lessons and of course what else could I do? I agreed! We went there in the afternoon and ate a delicious cake. We talked all the time. I think she likes me, she wants to meet again. Maybe we'll become a couple?

Hi, I wrote a math test today, was very simple. There were 10 open questions, I think I wrote almost everything well.
But the task of 10 well-calculated but I have written on the break and poorly written results and the calculations were good. This is called to have bad luck

Krystianek 28 September 2009
polska wersja

Cześć pisałem dzisiaj sprawdzian z matematyki, był bardzo prosty. Było 10 pytań otwartych, myślę że dobrze napisałem prawie wszystko.
Lecz zadanie 10 dobrze obliczyłem, ale pisałem już na przerwie i źle napisałem wyniki a obliczenia były dobre. To się nazywa mieć pecha

Krystianek 28 Września 2009


I greet you today, we have written quiz on the Polish criminal law, aa its hopeless question: how should behave in school, why I act outrageously and what I intend to do. This can at least assess

Krystianek 27 September 2009

polska wersja

Witam was dziś na polskim pisaliśmy kartkówkę karną, aa na niej beznadziejne pytania: jak powinno się zachowywać w szkole, dlaczego zachowuję się skandalicznie i co zamierzam z tym zrobić. Może przynajmniej to oceni

Krystianek 27 Września 2009


Took a long time ago not to blog, but everything is justified that there were a lot of learning, eg:
Science Adam Mickiewicz poem "Ode to Youth"
Test in mathematics
I hope that now somehow take care of a blog, I'll add any news, etc. It all depends on szkoły.Co the worst in the second grade we do not have IT.

Krystianek 26 September 2009


Dawno się nie zajmowałem blogiem , ale wszystko jest usprawiedliwione tym że było dużo nauki np:
Nauka wiersza Adama Mickiewicza " Oda do młodości "
Sprawdzian z matematyki
Mam nadzieję że teraz się jakoś zajmę blogiem , dodam jakieś nowości itd. Wszystko zależy od szkoły.Co najgorsze w drugiej klasie nie mamy informatyki.

Krystianek 26 Września 2009