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My house frome dreams is not too big and not too small , it's perfect. It has one bedroom for every member of family and one spare one for guests. It also has big spacious kitchen connected with dining room . The kitchen is painted in light , warm colours , and there is enough space to put everything away , so you don't have to take care about messy cabinets any more. Table in dinig room is long so during family meetings , dinners and any special occasions everyone can sit there and enjoy the time. Next is painted in light browish colours living room , the sofas are dark brown with slightly lighter cushions . It's the most comfortable room in the house. It is't too big and hasn't got too musch light ... in the coroner is a fire place ,which we can use during short winter days to warm house up, and make a special athmosphere. Bathroom is quite big , with white and gold walls , huge bath tube , and shower . Also there is one wall made only from mirrors. And of course many small hidden cabinets to hide my cosmetics. My bedroom is painted dark purple , has big comfy bed near one wall , and desk on the opposite side. There is enough space to put spare bed when my friend sleep over or to dance when I want to organize a party. It has couple roof windows and one window on the wall with the view on the sea. There is also a huge garden , with palm trees and swimming poll , there is barbecue coroner , with a table and wooden chairs . This house is a perfect place to spent time with friens but also a ideal for small family moments .
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Neighborhood where I live is beautiful. It is the estate cottages. The neighbors are mostly elderly people who have they sent their children into the world. We are one of the few families still full, and it is because the four of us including two children. Our cottage is a multi-storey building in the middle of a beautiful garden with apples. Each of us here think of the children has a room furnished according to their own style. Mine is full of details of Formula 1 on the wall of the race I fototapeta Kubica full of various objects in this connection. This is in my dreams has always been, I feel it very well. The other rooms are my younger brother and parents. We are a very good do not change their residence.
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