Hello John!
I'm Kate Strips. I live in you new town . How are you in new entourage. We can meet.When and about which hour?
Mabay tomorrow. At 15 o'clock after school in the cafe?

In order to it is necessary to go to this place beside church at store in come twist right and go be café all the time go.

See you leter ;*
Kate Strips ;d
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Matt!

I'm [twoje imie]What's up?. Can we meet each other? I hope yes. If you want to meet. We can meet in shopping center. I want to see you. At weekend I will go to city for shopping. The shopping centre is at street 3ed May. When you will be next to school to straight. At the traffic you turn right and go straight. At fourth crossroad turn left. At the meet we will talk and buy some clother. I hope you will visit my city.

Love [Twoje imie]
See you.