In this weekend I am planning going to forest. With me a family will go. Great we will be playing! I want there to pick mushrooms, to breathe healthy air in. I will notice a lot of picturesque views. Silence, peace, time for reflections... I will try to observe different animals, so as birds, insects. And I will also watch different plants. It is a dream weekend! Then we will go to swim in the river. This time I will sail across greater distance. We are planning also a picnic. On it sandwiches, sweets and something to drink will be. Next a bit I will relax at home. I will play computer games, I will meet with friends. I want to tour the next day museum into Wrocław. Much I will learn. I will devote the rest of the time for sport.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My weekend is a great day in my live. i like to play computer games all the time! i like drink beer and drinks.