A typical family in Poland consists of one or two childrens and parents.
The most popular children names are: Natala and Maciek. Let's say they are 10 years old.
Their hobbies are: playing computer games, reading books.
Polish typical family has one family pet - it is a dog.
Usually family eats togehter breakfast and the favourite meal are
scrambled eggs.
At the weekend they spend time togeter and once a year they go abroad.
The most popular parents names are: Jerzy and Krystyna. Let's say they are 35 years old.
Man is a scientist and woman is a teacher in school.
They have a lot of interests. For example they like to play tenis.
The family's most favourite TV programme is Got Talent.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Typical Polish familiy is very good, have 2 parents and 2 children and 1 dog.
Mother name is Marian , she is inginer, have 40 years old.
Father mane is Stefan, he is mechanic and 40 years old.
Son name is Frenak ,he is student in school have 14 years old
Douther name is Maria, she is a teacher is school Frenak.
Dog name's Rox he is so very good dog
All love himself... sa this family is very crazy
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