W: Good morning
D:Good morning
W; Can I help you? Do you have a rezervation?
D: Yes , I have I booked a table next to the window
W: Ok , This way , please
D: Thank you
W: here is your menu
D: Oh, thank you
after five minutes
W: Are you ready to order , now sir?
D: Yes , I am . For starter I'd like garlic bread , but I don't know what to choose for the main dish . What would you recommend?
W: I can recommend roasted fish served with fresh fruits
D: That's sounds deliciouns .I think I'' ll take that
W: Would you like a side salad with that?
D: Yes, I'd like
W: And anything to drink ?
D: I ''ll have a some mineral water , please
W: Sparkling or still?
D: Still ,please
W: What about dessert ?
D: I think I '' take some chocolate cake with vanilia ice - cream
W: Sorry , but it is off the menu
D: oh no , so I ''ll have only chocolate cake
W: Enjoy your meal
D: Thank you
after 5 minutes
D:Everything was deliciouns Can I have a bill , please ?
W: yes , you can I ''ll bring it straight away
D: Is the service include in the price ?
W: Yes , it is
D: Thank you for everything
W: You ' re welcome . We invite you again
D: Thank you , goodbye
W: Goodbye

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Dam ci to zadanie z przykładowymi postaciami , tak jak mam to w książce swojej ;
Rachel: So, your uncle works here, Zeki.
Tania: Does that mean it's free?
Zeki: You're joking!
Tania: Well, you never know.
Rachel: Is that him?
Zeki: No, he isn't here today.
Assistant: Hello. Can I help you?
Rachel: Yes, please. Can I hae a cheese salad?
Tania: And I'd like a vegetable kebab, please?
Assistant: What would you like to drink?
Rachel: A bottle of water, please.
Tanie: Orange juice for me, please.
Assistant: And what would you like?
Adam: A kebab and a cola, please.
Zeki: Yeah, the same for me ... and a yoghurt, please.
Assistant: Is that all?
Zeki: Yes, thanks.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
W- waiter C-customer

C:Table for one please
W:Please,follow me
C:Can I see the menu?
W:Yes, please
W:Are you ready to order?
C:Yes, I will have potatoe soup, chicken curry ith Indian rice.
W:What would you like for starter?
C:I would like fresh melon
W:Would you like something to drink?
C:Yes,of course. I would like coca-cola with ice
W:Would you like something for dessert?
C:Yes. Maybe strawberry ice-cream with whipped cream.
W:Please, enjoy your meal.
C:Thank you
C:The bill,please!
W:Here you are
C:Keep the change.
W:thank you, goodbye
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