Andrzej Grabowski

His hometown is La Verna, where he lived with his brothers - Nicholas and Victor. In 1974 he graduated from the State Theater School in Krakow, and shortly after began working actor on the stage of Theater. Julius Slowacki in Krakow, which was associated for many years. The first success was achieved thanks to the role in the play "Excuse me, are here beat (Tarnowski Theater. Ludwik Solski, dir. Smożewski Richard, 1976), for which he received the Award of the Association of Young Polish Art Theater and Film (SPATiF-u). For his theatrical roles has received numerous other awards and honors. Often performed with his brother Nicholas Grabowski (also an actor and director). Also gained fame as the announcer and a special talent kabareciarz comedy.

On the big screen debut as early as during my studies in film departures, homecomings, for many years but it only manned in the roles of episodic or secondary. In 1989 he played his first major film role in Feliks Falk's capital, or how to make money in Poland, where he portrayed Stephen Sapiei.

Another important role was the creation of Andrzej Jurewicz, father of the main characters from the Polish TV series Fri Lady Lining (1997), directed by Izabella Cywinski. Special thanks to popularity of Andrzej Grabowski Ferdinand bad role in the television sitcom The World According Kiepskich on-air broadcast television channel Polsat in 1999-2005, and since September 2006. Sitcom for several years fought records of popularity and he won prizes for best comedy series, actor became so commonly identified with the figure, which played a role. In his private life does not like to poke fun at the show.

In recent years, Andrzej Grabowski appeared in 30 performances Television Theater, inter alia, what is not a dream, directed by Krzysztof Zaleski. Also lent his voice to a number of foreign films targeted at children, for example, in cartoons Brother Bear and Chicken Little.

The Pitbull TVP series portrays the role of a policeman nicknamed "Gebels. At the end of March 2005 has been an actor niegroźnemu car accident on the highway near Myslowice. He was then wounded in the head and suffered a general potłuczeń body. In 2007, actor playing one of the heads of the gang in the series Pruszkowski Fri Perverted emitted in TVN.

In April 2008, Andrzej Grabowski occurred [2] episodes per disc XXX-summer, Acoustically punk-rock band KSU, sang Fri: "On the other side of the door."

He took 3rd place in the second edition of the Fort Boyard (Polish edition).

Guest roles on the team video for the song Feel - Show me heaven.

September 11, 2009 took part in the Polish I love you. Kapitanką team in which he played was Marzena Rogalska. Their team won the number 93 points.
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