My first day at school was as always a bit borring. I was listening my tutor speaking about new school year and better marks. There were also many good thinks conected with this day. I met my friends who I haven't seen for all holiday. After official part we went to the cinema and watched great comedy.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My first day at school was great. After entering the school right away, I met my class was loudest in the corridor, but it is a very nice person.|
I felt good but the stress hurt my stomach. embarrassed walked to class because it was after the bell. churkiem zeszły girl to me seemed very nice
and such are. on the first lesson I was writing the teaser dziwczynami. after the bell on the break came to me tomek-a boy from the class made friends
right away. after all the lessons uwówiłam with girls on the court and they brought the boyfriends. so here I met the whole class.
I'm new in this school.
My first day in it....
At 7: 30 o'clock i go to the school.
I walk on my new class..........
It is very beautiful class. It has got very much windows, and flovers.Beautiful, black blackboard.
The firs lesson - English.
It's very funny lesson. Teacher is very nice. In my new school is very well.I meet much friend. They're very friendly.
I love it school.