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1.The weekend was a beatufull. 2.I and my parents went to picnic. 3. I didn't like this place, becouse i brouht leg last year. 4. but in yesterday was beatyfull. 5. I was fishing. 6. My dad and my mam was play card. 6 I and my dad played footbol and voleyball. 7. Sudeny, the rain went to we. 8. For luck we near the house and we runned to him. 9. The weakend was good. 10. We went to home by car.

I gitara xD
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This weekend, on saturday i went to the cinema with my friends on "Nazwa Filmu". We were having a great time. I rode my bike and i was reding book too. I was studing for tests and i was playing computer. On Sunday i went to church with my parents. We ate great dinner in restaurant. In the evening i did my homework and i went to my girlfriend on a date. That was fantastic. I had a perfect weekend.
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In there, this weekend I went to my aunt who lives .......... was very nice, we went for a walk this place is beautiful. Visited landmarks, we did a lot of interesting pictures.Being closer to where I met the city's history.
The other day I went to her parents very movies.Video I liked.Performed actors in it, which once liked.Later we went to the shop.We made large purchases.This is great weekend.Was very nice and cheerful.
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