Mam do rozwiązania krzyżówke
1.move in water using arms and legs.-4 litery
2. use waves and a board to move in water.4 litery
3.the thames is london's...5 liter
4. a schark is a kind of...4 litery travel on water in it.4 litery can swim in a swimming...4 litery
7.what happens when you dive or jump into water when it is.6 liter can see into water when it is...5 liter has lots of teeth and lives in water in hot countinous.9 liter a bicycle with an engine.-9 liter
11.plural of l.2 litery
12.scorsese's mother often...4 litery the morning-2 litery
14.scorsese went to...Bo Diddley-3 nedd a pair of...s for ice hockey-5
16.....- the extra-terrestrial is a famous spielberg movie.-2 diddley was playing in a ..and roll show.-4 be ... is to be a person.-5 nothing makes me feel worrie or frightened.-7 liter
20.something that happens to you.-10 liter
21.very unhappy.-9
22.five and five make...-3
23. you use stop a car, for exemple.-5
24. depressed and nervous are both words for...-8
25.see 5 across.-2
26.short for mathematics.-5
27.appears to be-5
28.sorry, i can't ... you. whot did you say?-4
29.highest part of something.-3 l.
30.he put...the helmet.-2 l.

zagadnienie i krzyżówki znajdują sie również w ćwiczeniach inspiration 3 na stronach 7 i 9



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1. Poruszanianie sie w wodzie za pomoca nog i rag
2. potrzebna duza fala ora deska
3.tamiza w londynie
23 1 23
2. boat 4. fish 5. ship 6. pool 7.splash 10. motorbike 13. am 15. skates 22. ten 23. brake 28. meet
8 2 8