Muszę napisać recenzję jakiegoś filmu lub książki po angielsku . Prosze pomóżcie ! Najlepiej gdyby to była książka Zmierzch albo film np.Ciekawy przypadek Benjamina Buttona , Tytanic , High school musical . . . Ale moze byc też co innego




My favorite movie is a movie called "High scool miusical - senior year." The film tells the disciples in the final year of high school, who at the very end of his "career" in the school issue and submit wyprawiają school prom. But suddenly leaving Gabriella at the time classes at the university where you want to learn after completing high school. School takes its role as Sharpay Evans, the star who is chairwoman of the theater and the school likes Troy. But Troy can not play their role quietly without Gabrielli and decides to go after her. Return together to the end of the switch and save the entire presentation. Assistant Sharpay and Tiara Gold, Which was to replace the role of Sharpay, when it takes over the role of Gabriella, turns out to cheat and reveals his secret Sharpay: he was an assistant to her just because she wanted to be nominated for a personal assistant, a teacher of theater
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