I was in Gdańsk. Is very cool. The weather is hot and sunny, but sometimes is rainy. Yesterday I went to the mall with my new friends Ada and Jula. We went to the cinema. I swam in the sea, I surfed and I went to the new library in Gdańsk and I read lots of great books. This is the best holiday in my life. See you. Ola
I'm having a good time in Greece in Olympic Riviera.
I'm staying at a very nice hotel not far from the Olympus. I do a lot of fascinating things every day, visit Athens and other ancient place. I often go swimming and sunbathing at Aegean Sea.
Greece is a perfect place for a holiday as it is full of interesting monuments.
The weather is hot and sunny. I have got great tan, so have my friends, which I met here yesterday. They are also from Poland. They are very nice and friendly people. I liked them fast.
How is your holiday so far? When I'm back I will tell you everything detaily.

See you soon!