Napisz e- maila ze szkoly z uk , usa or australia

1 use the questions in the writing help to think of ideals
2write your e-mail write about
-your trip the uk , usa or australia
-the school,classes and teachers
-new friends
-a reason finish the letter

z gOry dziekii ;*:*;* ;DD !!



Haaa! Pisałam to jakiś miesiac temu! Challenges 3? ; D

Dostałam 5 wiec przepisuje z zeszytu:

Hi, Mary
I'm in Australia now.
The trip to here was very long and boring, but the weather was OK.

I'm going to a Sydney's school for polsih pupils. My class is small but there are many great people in it. The teachers are not bad, too.

What about new friends? I've got four. Everyone is differnet , but we like staying together.

Well, I'm going for a walk with my dog, now.
See you soon.