Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Are twelve days can give you a taste of life and discover its deepest meaning? Ten Oscar did not believe that it is possible, until the encounter with the mysterious Mrs. Rose, who has a history of career zapaśniczki and can find a way out of any situation ... Beautiful, smart, and not without humor story about how to overcome fear, to find faith and did not surrender in the face of misfortune. This book will give you strength and hope, and who knows? - Maybe even change your life ...

A very long time refused to before reading this book, though much about it and heard it from very different persons, in this and my professor. However, my reaction was always the same: what can they know about books? However, curiosity proved stronger: I wanted to see what kind of book, and why all the praise it so. Direction - the library. And this shock. It turned out that this is a book for children, at least in the children's section was. Oh God, I thought, they want to impress me fairy tales, I thought that this stage I am already behind! Can be seen in old age is child's play. Postponed. I left. But in the end I came back and took the book. And to me there a few years in this or in that direction will not do the difference. We'll see what we all delight. I took to be read. I read a book in one hour, and even swallowed it, not read. I was literally charmed her.

It tells about ten Oscar, who died of leukemia. In cope with everyday life helps him to the mysterious Mrs. Rose. It was Aunt Rose gets the idea of writing letters to "the honorable God" and the idea of treating each precious day of life as the next ten years. In this way, the title character each day by a letter describing the "ten years" of his life. He is someone for him ever closer and a little child before it opens up more and more. Share with him your thoughts, insights and problems. With each letter of the boy begins to increasingly believe in God. Is also becoming increasingly resigned to the fact that will have to die. After finishing reading occurred to me to be a lot of reflection and regret only one thing: that so reached for the late Oscar and Mrs. Rose. " Probably the greatest asset of this book is that it gives much food for thought, and as we know today is a little book that can act on the intellect of the reader, or make it feel the need to make some changes in your life.

After a lengthy analysis, I began to see "Oscar" as a sort of guide to life. By taking flesh in the ten-year boy, trying to give us the most important values in life. Tries to show that life is a gift and only those who might lose them, is able to appreciate fully. In a sense, this is a warning, but also an indication that you have to live hard, seize each day and squeeze him like a lemon, because no one knows when we come to say goodbye to the world.

According to some people 'Oscar' has much in common with "Little Prince", I think this is incorrect association. Books are totally different. First of all, "Oscar" is not a fairy tale, not a collection of metaphors understood intuitively. It describes everything straight, give the tray - surely for those who can not read between the lines. Playing on human emotions, and leaves its mark on the soul and mind of man. It is more realistic and perhaps precisely for this reason the reader goes straighter and it is easier to play.

Despite the sad topic, disease, death, loneliness, the book is very cheerful, even humorous. Filled with optimism and joy of her life. Oscar a little unusual to God, love of adventure (yes, we can find it!) And conversations with Aunt Rose for a long time to settle in the memory, are like the rays of the sun on cloudy sky. Frankly, she no longer know whether a book for children, or rather their parents. I know one that is timeless, unusual, beautiful, and despite the predictable end of a very optimistic and gives new hope. Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, himself a writer of genius I think. Who else he could write such a trite, yet profound story of life and death, and the role of the main character to embed a child, to the terminally ill? Simple language and humor to give the seriousness of the situation and show that everything that happens in life really depends on ourselves and our approach? All this is recognized in almost 80 pages is really something incredible and laudable. The book I recommend everyone absolutely no boundaries of age, gender, religion or belief. I believe that the 'Oscar and Mrs. Rose "should be required reading in schools, because they can learn more than all the books of the canon mandatory reading together. Who would not let him read it even admits not only run to catch up.
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Recenzja książki ''Romeo i Julia'' Williama Szekspira (nie wiem czy to może być ;) )

William Shakespeare is the greatest English-language playwright of all time. He was equally successful with writing comedy and tragedy. "Romeo and Juliet" is one of his most famous tragedies. This drama takes place in XVI century Italy in Verona, where two families hating each other live - the Montagues and the Capulets.

The plot of this work of art concerns Romeo and Juliet's unhappy love. They come from two opposite families. Emotions which join them are so strong, that in spite of the fact that members of their families hate one another, the youngsters do fall in love. Romeo and Juliet do not listen to their parents and their objections. They are willing to do everything to save their love and to be together.

What I like the most about this book is that it brings up the eternal issue of love, and the problem which we can associate with any age. The dialogues between the characters are excellent. The whole script is exciting. The plot is very believable, though sometimes ridiculous. It is a classic masterpiece of its genre. I can thorougly recommend this book because it is well worth reading. It will change the way you think about how strong true love can be and how parents do not understand their children's feelings. This has not changed over the ages. Read the book and see for yourself!
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