1. Which is more important to teenagers? Education or having a social life?
2. What are the most important qualities of a true friend?
3.Why don't people write traditional letters any more?
4. How useful is the Internet in education?
5. What are the main advantages of the internet and mobile phones ?
6. What are some possible problems with the Internet ?
Pomożecie mi odpowiedzieć na te pytania? Muszą być przynajmniej 2 argumenty .



1.Having a social life because they think thats more important than school.
2.A true friend has to be honest, kind and be a good friend.
3.People don't write traditional letters because we have computers and the internet.
4.The internet is useful in education because you can fin any infotmation you need.
5.The main advantages of the internet and mobile phones is you can connect through it with people.
6. Possible problem with the internet is it can be dangeous in some way and there are bad things on it.

1.More important qualities to teenagers is having social life, because in this age they are fascinating of meeting new friends, going to disco etc. They also just do not want to learn because they think is boring and unnecessery.
2.The most important qualitie for true friend is honesty. We also have to know that we can depend on this person in every situation.
3.Nowadys almost everyone has a computer what is goes with it they have acces to the Internet , so it is much more easily and quicky to write e-mail. What is more person to who we write gets it very fast, and we do not have to go to the post office for stamps.
4.Thanks to the Internet education became much more easily. For example we can find lots of information for a essays, and help with making exercices from every subject.
5.The main advantage of using teh Internet is that we can communicate with people from all over the world very easily and fast. Secondly,by using Internet we can take care of all thing like: pay checks,bills, do shopping, booked tickets etc. without leaving the home.
The main advantage of mobile phones is that we can communicate with who we want in case of some emergency or just in we have some important thing to say someone and this person is far away from us. Secondly, mobile phones are nowadys very small and do not take lot's of space , so we can have it always with us.
6. The most possible problem with the Internet is that our computer can be attacked by virus and delate all things which we keep on computer. Secondly, sometimes people who use the Internet too much can get addicted from it, and spend all their free time using it, do not even think about other stuff like for example education.
1. Co jest bardziej istotne dla nastolatków? Edukacja i po życiu społecznym?
2. Jakie są najważniejsze cechy prawdziwego przyjaciela?
3.Why nie piszą tradycyjne listy any more?
4. Jak przydatne jest internet w edukacji?
5. Jakie są główne korzyści płynące z Internetu i telefonów komórkowych?
6. Jakie są ewentualne problemy z Internetem?