I like fresh air
she is so beautyfull
i hate blood
can you pay by cash ?
i work every day
the weather is bad today
i have to much violence
i never travel to school by car
i like teaching my children
there is to much sugar
i can't swimming
i like when it is snowing
i do shopping every saturday
i like sand
i don't like salt
we have very polluted air
i use a lot of paper every day
i like reading news
i don't have enough money to byc new car
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.It was very cool air near the sea.
2.Her beauty was stunning
3.The blood is rich in iron.
4.I've got not much cash to buy this.
5.It's very hard work.
6.Weather is very ugly today.
7.It's th violence in this game.
8.The travel was very long.
9. She's teaching english.
10.Please give me the sugar.
11.Do you like swimming?
12.Snow is white.
13.Let's go shopping!
14.It's much sand at the beach.
15.It's much salt in the soup.
16.Pollution level in this city is very high.
17. Paper is made from trees
18.Let's watch news in TV.
19. Please give me the money.

1. Love is in the air.
2.Her beauty was stunning.
3.Is this blood?
4.I need some cash.
5.Where do you work?
6.Weather is very nice today.
7.There is so much violence in it.
8.I like to travel.
9.He is teaching me English.
10.Please pass me the sugar.
11.Do you like swimming?
12.Let it snow!
13.I will go shopping tomorrow.
14.There is much sand here.
15.There is much salt in this pizza.
16.Pollution level in the air is very high.
17.Paper is made of trees.
18.Look, he is on the news!
19.I need some money.