My weekend was very good. First I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth and I had breakfast. Later I visited my grandma. I helped her with cooking. Next I met my friends. We went to the mall and we bought lots of clothes. Them we went to the supermarket. We bought Coco - cola, sweets and more. We went to the bar and we drank hot chocholate and ate hot - dogs. After we went to the disco. We danced 5 hours. We came back home at 9 o'clock. My mum was angry with me. My friends slept in my bedrooms. In the night we ate fastfoods, and drank shakemilks. We got up very early. We went to the church at 8.30 am. Later my friends went to the home. I too. There is fantastic weekend.
Last weekend, on Saturday I was spending my free time with family in the house. Ok. I'm starting to begin with. I got up at ten o'clock a.m. Even so I didn't rest. Next I had a shower because I am caring on hygiene. I was peased because my dad went to home. My dad is super! Later I made a breakfast. I ate bread, cereal and toasts. I drank milk. After breakfast I got dressed. I puton: T-shirt and jeans. Then was 12 o'clock a.m. Next I went to the shop with my brother. We bought a chocolate, grape and rools. So do I also bought a newspaper. Later, I was watching TV whole two hours. I was starved. Then my mum finished made a dinner. After dinner I finished surf the Internet whole one hour. Later, when I finished surf the Internet, I washed the dishes. (I hate washing a dishes!!!) Next I playing with my mum, with my dad and with my brother on game "Eurobiznes" I won! :) It was nine o' clock p.m. Then I watched TV. Later I had a shower and I went to bed. And this day ended!