Wybierz jedno miejsce i opisz !
Może to być kraj i wgl.
np.Polska .
Musi w tym być jak się tam żyje , jaka jest tam pogoda ,kto ją zamieszkuje,jaka jest najniższa i najwyższa temperatura w dzień i jakie są atrakcje .
Przynajmniej jedna strona A5 . ;]]
Pilnee !! bo też na jutro xdd



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

Poland has o population of about three eight millions seven hundred thousands peaple. The official language is Polish. Poland it visit tourisit 14 millions a year. The countryside are small but very beatyful and peaple are very frendly. Poland is put in central Europe over Baltic Sea. Poland it borders with Germany, Czech Republic, Slonakia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania and Russia.
In Poladn is moderate climat.

Capital poland is Warsaw. There are Warsaw Bathrooms, very big and beatyful shops, restaurands, Presidential Palace and fantastic zoo. There are also amazing park and great museum. Go to the very big aquapark! There are swimming pool and wather slide…

In Warsaw is many famous peaple! There it lives famous star of music pope Dorota Rabczewska (Doda) and mass of famous actors… There is too Lech Wałęsa who earned a nobel prize!!! My favourite actros is Filip Bobek and Julia Kamińska and my favourite movie is “BrzydUla”, and your?

Legends about Poland are very amazing. Legend about Warsaw Siren, legend about Lech, Czech and Russ, legend about sleeping knight etc…There are very interesting!!!

Sports, horse riding, fishing, ski, cycling, run, skateboarding etc. ore popular activites. In Poland is beautiful beach and very big sea. Peaple usually walk on the sea. They swimming, scuba driving and play volleyball in the sea. It’s good fun!
Poland, officially the Republic of Poland - the country located in Central Europe on the Baltic Sea. Border with Germany (West), Czech Republic and Slovakia (the south), Ukraine and Belarus (the east), the north-east of Lithuania and in the north of Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast). Moreover, Polish exclusive economic zone limit in the Baltic Sea bordered by zones of Denmark and Sweden.

In terms of surface area is 68 place in the world and ninth in Europe. In terms of population is 33 place in the world. The country is divided into 16 provinces which are divided into districts and municipalities.

Conventional date for the establishment of the Polish state is often taken 966 years, when the ruler Mieszko I accepted Christianity. Poland became a kingdom in the year 1025, and in 1569 formed a union with Lithuania. The greater part of its history, the Republic of Poland was a sovereign, multiethnic and multi.

The state survived until 1795, when the territory was divided between the three invaders: the Kingdom of Prussia, Russian Empire and Austria (the partitions of Polish). Poland regained its independence in 1918 after the First World War. During World War II the country was occupied by Nazi Germany and the USSR. The number of war victims is estimated at over 6 million Polish citizens. After the war, Poland became a socialist republic, depending on the Soviet Union. In 1989, a change in the political system of parliamentary democracy and a return to a market economy.