Opisz swój ulubiony dzień tygodnia i powiedz w 10 zdaniach dlaczego.Bardzo bardzo Proszejeżeli można żeby to była sobota. Dzięki.W J ANGIELSKIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My favourtie day in week is saturday, because I get up at 10 o'clock and eat breakfast. After I bursh my teeth and I'm go to shopping centre with my family. Afternoon I go to cinema with my friends and it's very funny. Sometimes we stay at someone at home at night and it's fantastic. We play computer games, watch tv and do a lot of things. Which saturday when I have a shower bring the phone. It was very strange, because it was about two o'clock p.m. When I have gotten back phone someone say: 'this night you will be dead' I was scared, but ten minutes later phone bring again and it was my firends. they say: ' not fight, it we was bring advance, we made jokes, we so sory', but I was very jittery. They apologized me about two days, but after I say ' ok, I forgive you, but please don't make it more.' They was happy and I thinked ' Saturday is my the best day in week '
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My favourite day is Saturday.
I like it. In this day i mustn't go to the school.
I relaxing in my house. Sometimes in Saturday i visit my family .
Often i meet my friends. In Satrurday i watch TV. I listen to music too. In the Afternoon i play basketball.I love it.I go to sleep at 24 o'clock.
I love Saturday ;**.
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