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a)Read the story.

Jessica and Adam met five years ago.She was working in London. One day she saw him. He was a university student, but was doing a summer job. He had come to the place where she was working.
As Adam was leaving , he left a little message next to Jessica's computer. Jessica phoned him and they met the same evening. Adam and Jessica liked each other a lot. One day a terrible thing happened. Jessica was Ok again. Adam had helped her a lot.

b)Rewrite the story in 120-150 words.Use these questions to make the story more interesting.Remember to use linking words like when and while .

1.What was she working as?
2.Where did she see him?
3.What was he working as?
4.Where exactly was she working?
5.What did the message say?
6.When did she phone him?
7.What did they like about each other?
8.What was she doing at the moment?
9.How had Adam helped her?



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