I'm in Krakow. It's in małopolska. Krakow is one of the largest and oldest cities in Poland. Situated on the Vistula (Wisła) in the Lesser Poland Region. I was saw Sukiennice, castle Wawel and Barbakan.
I'm living in small hotel in centre. It's hot and sunny. We arrived in Saturday.
Hi Jenny,
I'm at holiday in Poland. Warsaw is capital of Poland and I'm in this city. Warsaw is very big, it's a lot of shopping centre, park, swimming-pool and a lot of other things. The tourist highlight is f.e. ' pałac kultury i nauki'. The wetaher isn't the best but it's ok. We comeback to home at one week. I very behind you longing.

Love,....... ( wpisac imie )

I've got souvenir for you ;*

Jct f.e. to n.p. ( na przykład ) ,
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Italy is so rich tourist, that certainly does not need just one trip to meet them. It's not just the monuments, and these are innumerable. As yet the cuisine, wine, people, morning coffee, landscapes. Everything seems to be like you. Facade of the cathedral carvings are intact, and the place where the faces are the ideal proportions. Freshly cut slices of prosciutto are ideal thickness (or rather "thinness") and the perfect espresso power. In Italy you will find tradition and tranquility - the villages of old people sit in the squares and gossiping as they did for centuries. On the other hand, find a movement and energy. In the cities young people latch on scooters making a lot of noise. Elegantly dressed men and women shed the charm and draw attention to everyone in sight. Because the magnetism of Italy is the first time something elusive, niekonkretnym, but overpowering, and allows everyone to feel great. Is the Italian zest for life - simply dolce vita. the weather is very beautiful
no longer go back a long time.