Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Description of the trip Bieszczady 2001

Our journey started from Przemysl. We arrived by train to Przemysl.

Day 1: Think - Huwniki approximately 25 km

Przemysl arrived quite late so there was nothing to watch we had run out to find accommodation. The first night we decided to spend the Huwnikach that as there is a guide by Yakov shelter. Going on the road, admiring the beautiful scenery of Przemysl Foothills Huwnik to dusk arrived, and what was our disappointment when we did not find any hostels there. We were able to try on the Priest in the nearby Calvary or hay in the hay hosts but the conditions were dull but this waiting for us there for a company of people do not necessarily very high confidence. So in the end we managed to find a house where the social welfare were two guest rooms - We were lucky, both were empty so we went higher and there spent the first night. As for the price 15 zł per night but the conditions of super bathroom, etc.

Day 2: Huwniki - Komańcza ~ 70 km

In the morning we woke up we ate breakfast at a nearby spożywczakiem and we went out again on the route. Hills are starting to do bigger and driveways (serpentine) can give up the ghost - the cloud of flies that dobijający stretching a man. But when it was uphill and downhill must be miles of serpentine reunions can spice man madness - can be said for the human orgasm from the lowlands. Along the way we get to Sanok resolve to stop there and watch the open-air (reportedly the largest in Poland and perhaps in Europe). The museum storage Storage is where you can leave your bikes.

After an hour łażenia the museum and making a purchase (PLEASE NOTE! The last place where you can still buy the bicycle inner tube for example) we started towards Komańczy - the way a small meal of grass. I landed again at dusk in Komancza we go to the hostel but discouraged PTTK price 20 zł / day decide to go in search of student hostels now former label. Naszukać need a little but you can find them. Night in the hostel costs 12 zł Organic - is also the place for bikes. There you can use a shower (hot water you heat) and gas stoves. It is a place for a bonfire where you can bake the sausage in the guitar and sing.

Day 3 Route Komańcza-Chryszczata-Komańcza

We decided to ride without a bit heavy sakiew so following the guide "Best Mountain Bike Tours of" We chose the 47 kilometer route to the summit Chryszczatej. Heavy at times impossible driveway and then a well-earned rest after a while the exit risky it is. During this trip, and damage the rear derailleur to derailleur cord damage. After returning to the hostel I manage to fix it but since then not have all the gear in the bike (which is why I warn you, if you do not have something important to the bike is the last place to shop is SANOK). Tired of hardships we go to sleep.

Day 4 Komańcza - Wietlin ~ 40km

So here begins Bieszczady - Komańcza is considered the unofficial boundaries of the Bieszczady mountains. Views blame the legs (bicycle course ;-)). Wietlinie landed as soon not always have the choice or luxury chalet PTSM for 12 zł / night or lying Student accommodation facilities (for pole) for 7zł - day. We choose the second option, hoping to meet cool people. You read that right of students met gitarce playing and singing - cool. What conditions does it look so wooden house without electricity, bunk beds, a little space in the room, the water in a stream - like a bomb for me. To fit three bikes in a small room should be well nagimnastykować.

Day 4 Wietlin - Ustrzyki Top ~ 20km

The next morning Wietlinie choose without sakiew on the 44-kilometer-long tour of the charming surroundings and when we go back to the Upper Ustrzyk. Ustrzyk to arrive when?? - Traditionally, of course, at dusk and go on a famous night for the priest. Price 10 zł day - wooden house with something ala the Wietliny cottage is in a bungalow a few rooms, some of them are temporary so we have some confidence with which the roommates have to get to your room we have to go through often during our absence. If someone is not fit yet walled headquarters in the "small hotel" 15 zł per day. Access to food, gas, crockery, cutlery, hot shower for darmoszkę. Place for bicycles should also be found.

Day 5 Ustrzyki Top - Paradise ~ 70km

Rising in the morning we head to foot in Tarnytsia - the highest mountain in the Polish Bieszczady 1346 m. Wołosatego to be a 3 zł get rozgruchotanym-m from the bus station is closer to Wołosatego Tarnytsia. The route initially promised to be dull (never before have I wandered in the mountains) without a problem but we went to the summit - the mandatory large quantities of something to drink. With Tarnica uraczyliśmy view beautiful landscapes.

Another route has already returned to Ustrzyk where not having enough experience osiodłaliśmy our bikes - we had the intention to go to pass the Rozsypańcem but unfortunately has behind it 80% of the route of the trail we were pushed by the Guardians of the Bieszczady National Park - is generally not allowed to formal bicycle outside public roads in the Bieszczady National Park. Well we went back to niepocieszeni Ustrzyk hastened to where we started in the direction of Solina. Initially guided by Pszczeliny, Struposiany to Dwerniczka by smooth asphalt on flat terrain, this section can be "rozbujać" and maintain a substantial speed. Next begins the difficult terrain along the riverbed of the San driving time to turn up at once descend. Pokonywaliśmy this way only in the light of stars and our lights. By day, this route has to be attractive because it accompanies us into the valley of the San Widoczki. Umęczeni finally arrived to the village of Paradise where we were unable to find any accommodation and the advantage of the favorable circumstances of the nature of the spent the night under a cloud (night in the town was strongly advise against, although in Paradise are 3 large holiday villages but they are works holiday camps and if they do not occupied a bed in their free assets).

Day 6 Paradise - Bircza ~ 70km

Feeling the approaching end of the trip and wanting to see something even barely get up at dawn and head to the Paradise and later Polanczyk Solina. There we a little picnic among 100 tourists, etc. kramików generally awful in my opinion, commerce, and the piston in the Solina Widoczki but are also doing some impression of a monstrous 70 meter high dam (the largest in Poland).

After the picnic we went uczęszczanymi little routes towards Przemysl (Olszanica, Wojtkówka, Kuźmina, Bircza). Wonderful is easy downhill to the town Wojtkówka uzyskiwaliśmy riding it 70km over the speed / h. The night we found ourselves Bircza PTSM located in the school building 8zł/doba bunk access to pots, plates of gas for a little disturbed darmoszkę floating in the air "smell" mold but really only some very fine in this tent has proved to be a manager unless you have a week poratował us the bread we could not buy anywhere.

Day 7 Bircza - Think ~ 30km

In the morning we leave the Bircza towards Przemysl peacefully overcome the distance of about 30 km and quietly we are journeying on a train.