Fron our crime correspondent.

Yesterday morning at 9,45, there
was a robbery at Barclay's Bank in
Bridgend, near Cardiff. There were
only three people in the bank at
the time. Police have now got the
robber, Steve Crosby. He is in
prison in Cardiff.
But the police are still looking for
a young woman who was whit him
yesterday. They think her name is
Helen Watts, from London. She is
twenty years old but she looks 16.
She's rather thin and of medium
height. She's got blue eyes and
blonde hair. In the photo her hair
is long, but now it is short. Watts
usually wears jeans and a brown
leather jacket. They thin she has
got a lot of money with her and
that she is going back to London.

odpowiedz na pytania :

1 When was the robbery?
2 How many people were in the bank?
3 where is helen watts from?
3 what has she got with her?
4 where is steve crosby now?



1. Yesterday morning at 9,45
2. 3
3. she's from London and she has got jeans and a brown
leather jacket
4. In police office
1)The rabbery was in Bridgend 2)Three people where in the bank 3)Helen is from London 4)She has got a lot of money 5)Steve Crosby in Cardiff