Your friend hates buying clothes and wants to buy the first pair of jeans he sees in the shop. Persuade him to try them on and see if they are OK.


Twój przyjaciel nienawidzi kupować ubrania i chce kupić dżinsy które widzi w sklepie. Przekonaj go, aby przymierzył je i sprawdził, czy są dobre.

poproszę o 4-5 zdań- nie musi być długie



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Do you see these jeans? They are so cool ! Why can't you get into this shop and try these jeans on ? Come on, let's ask if it is a size for you.
See what cool pants!
- I do not like to buy and try on pants, let me calm ..
Well what are you? And how you want to impress the pretty girl at?
Invent something.
Do not be so.
If they try it is the attitude you something. Let it be my loss.
Oh well.
It is proper to try on these trousers as this way, you will check as on you lie, as you look in (to) them and if you feel in (to) them well < goods (right) >. When you will buy it (them) be have from property of new thing joy.