Muszę napisać recenzje obojętnie jakiego filmu po angielsku. Ma ona zawierać :
-Tytuł, typ filmu
- Adaptacja, data kręcenia filmu, dyrektor, obsada
- Streszczenie
- Moją opinie na temat filmu.

Niech nie będzie ona za, krótka. Z góry thx



Jerzy Antczak's film "Chopin - Desire of Love" is certainly one of the most important Polish films of recent years. Is a result of long work great duo - Jerzy Antczak - director (including the Grand Prix winner "Gdansk Golden Lions") and leading actress - Hedwig Turnbow (thanks to them also created "Nights and Days").
This carried on a grand scale film by Jerzy Antczak and Jadwiga Baranski brings viewers the form of Fryderyk Chopin - one of the finest composers in the world which is often identified with the Polish. Through the eight-year relationship with one of Chopin's most famous Romantic writers George Sand video shows unknown facts of the composer's life, allowing knowledge of this form from a different party than that which we know from books and textbooks.
The filmmakers made every effort to give accurate picture of the era in which he lived and worked Frederic Chopin (eg, habits, lifestyle characters, great costumes designed by Paul and Magdalena Tesławska Grabarczyk and beautiful interior - made by Andrew Przedworskiego). The composer, however, is presented not only through the prism of his native country, but as the man who succeeded the world. Scenes of the film unfolds not only in Warsaw but also in Paris and Majorca, where they were filmed.
Several months preceding the start of the sample pair of images allowed the director to find the perfect odtwórców roles in the film, both foreground and background. In the role of Frederic Chopin performed Piotr Adamczyk, the character George Sand Danuta Stenka recreated, and the roles of children and Solange, played by Maurice and Bozena Stachura, Adam Woronowicz. Played by excellent actors odtwórców among the supporting roles (among others. Janusz Gajos - Grand Duke Konstantin, Piotr Fronczewski - Novosiltsov, Marian Opania - John, Jerzy Zelnik - Nicholas Chopin, Andrzej Zielinski - Albert Grzymala, Agnieszka Sitek - Izabela Chopin, Anna Radwan - Louis Chopin, Zofia Merle - Susanna, Anna Korcz).
Particularly noteworthy are photos of Edward Kłosińskiego, one of the greatest Polish operators. The film also plays an important role in the implementation of the music of Chopin Janusz Olejniczak and Polish Symphony Orchestra. It provides not only a background for the unfolding events on screen, but it is an important part of the drama. Illustrates the passions, of which the film follows.
It is a pity that the film lasts only two hours, because it is very interesting.
Cinema ticket costs only ten dollars and it really pays to spend on such an excellent movie.

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