Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My friend is Maciek.He is great boy.He's live in Warsaw.It's fantastic city.He's fourteen years old.He has long,brown hair and blue eyes.His character is specific because he like metal music and his favourite execution is METALICA..I don't like this music.I like his because he is disinterested and wise.. I met him this holiday.
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My friend is Tom. He is tall and slim. He has got curly brown hair. He interesting football, basketball and voleyball. I like laughting with him. Tom has got sister-Lili and brother- Bartka. He is good at maths amd P.E . His favourie day are: Wednesday because we have got two P.E and Saturday because not school. He is bad when I do not my homework:) I Sometimes don't understand him. Oh, he has got a girlfriend- Suzie. He always is haapy:)