Zad 1 Look at this description of a journey .
Complete the verbs in the correct tense.

I (be) ...was.. only seven and I (be) ..... ill.
It (be) winter and it (snow) ... .
I travel ... to my grandma's house in my uncle's old car.
It (be).... noisy and smelly too. The radiuo (play) ... horrible old music.
I felt sick. We (drive) ... through a town when I saw a dead cat.
Suddenly, I (be sick) ..... but my uncle (do not).... stop.
Anyway, we (arrive)... at my grandma's house. I (have) ... a hot bath.
Later, I drank hot chocolate by the fire.
And what was my uncle doing? He (clean)... the car outside!

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1. was
2. was
3. was
4. was snowing
5. was traveling
6. was playing
7. were driving
8. was
9. didn`t
10. arrived
11. had
12. was cleaning
(I drank hot chocolate by the fire.)
^^ To zdanie jest jakieś dziwne.
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I was drinking hot chocolate by the fire.
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1.was,2was,3.was,4.was snowing,5.was travelling,6.was playing,7.were driving,8.was,9.didn't,10.arrived,11.had,12.was cleaning,
chyba dobrze. ;DD.