Odpowiedz na pyt. w kilku zdaniach:
1.What are the advantages and disadvantages of being treated in hospital?
2.What are the typical health problems of old people?
3.What do you most often eat for breakfast, lunch.dinner and supper?
4.What should people eat to be healthy?



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1.advantage is the constant care of the sick and the disadvantage is the bad food and lack of constant contact with family
2,There is a dominant disease in old age and disability significantly affecting the functioning of patients. Generally the image in the elderly patient is dominated by somatic disease, dementia units and psychiatric disorders
3.Sandwiches with vegetables, tomato-type cucumber with ham or serem.Popijają kaka tea.
4.Lots of fruit and vegetables. Bread off.
1 It does not deal with nurses a lot as they should.
They doctor prefer to drink coffee than to deal with sick.
2 people should receive their medication on time and changed Niec Detergent
3 That it from this on breakfast know most often eat product milky or some (certain) sandwiches, some (certain) potatoes on dinner with salad and meat but something on suppers easy
4It should signify fried nothing thinnest meat of vegetable feed jeśc lekkostrawne and fruit

1.Drawbacks is that the hospital food is quite weak, and the advantages it is, nice service\<tłum.>Wadami jest ,że w szpitalach jest dosć słabe jedzenie,a zaletami jest to , miła obsługa.
3.grits and jelly, salads\kasza i galaretka ,surówki
4.much eat fruits and vegetables\należy jeść owoce i warzywa