Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My best friend is called Alexander. He is my cousin and he is 14 years old. Alexander lives in Warsaw, and learns in Stefan Batory High School. He is very tall, slim, and handsome. He has black hair, blue eyes, red cheeks, a bright smile and high forehead. Alexander has always clean and short cut nails. He is always fashionably and neatly dressed. Alexander is very friendly, he has a good heart, and he is very sensitive to problems of animals and environment. He likes sleeping till late. He loves watching old movies in the cinema. His favourite film directors are Frederico Felinni, and Antonioni. He is very strong and intelligent. He is open -minded and he has always lots of ideas. His favourite subject is history of antiquity and its culture. He often plays basketball, tennis and football. He is a very good swimmer. His hobby is playing computer games. His favourite food is chicken with chips and cabbage salad. In his free time, he likes to relax in a sofa and read a good, Shakespeare drama. Alexander has a lot of friends, but he likes me most. He has conservative political views, but I`m a firm democrat. Alexander has also some faults. For example, he is a muddler. He does not smoke cigarettes, but he drinks a lot of coffee every day. My cousin is my idol. I hope that he likes me as much as I like him.
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My colleague called Agata. He has long brown hair and blue eyes. It is pretty and graceful. I like the fact that it is pleasant, honest and smart. Do not ask me stupid questions and have her talk. Agata is high is 165 cm tall and weighs no more than 50 kilograms. She teaches well and has had very good reviews. Sometimes it happens to forget something but generally it is mandatory. I do not like it that it sometimes is in charge. Agata is good for horse riding and evil in the game of tennis. Agata likes to read books and ride. It's her hobby. She hates to have a lot of homework. She loves to do nothing.
I really like Agata because she is understanding and likes to work in a group.

(wydaje mi się że to jest dobrze. Nie poisałaś że ma być tłumaczenie ale dam żeby nie było.)
Moja koleżanka nazywa się Agata. Ma długie brązowe włosy i niebieskie oczy. Jest ładna i zgrabna. Lubię ją za to że jest miła, uczciwa i mądra. Nie zadaje mi głupich pytań i dobrze się z nią rozmawia. Agata jest wysoka ma 165 cm wzrostu i waży nie więcej niż 50 kilogramów. Ona dobrze się uczy i ma same dobre oceny. Czasem zdarzy jej się czegoś zapomnieć ale ogólnie jest obowiązkowa. Nie lubię w niej tego że czasem się rządzi. Agata jest dobra w jeździe konnej a zła w grę w tenisa. Agata lubi czytać książki i jeździć konno. To jej hobby. Ona nienawidzi mieć dużo zadania domowego. Ona uwielbia nic nie robić
.Bardzo lubię Agatę też dlatego że jest wyrozumiała i lubi działać w grupie.
My best friend is nicole ans helping live in my city.she's 17. i like her beacouse she makes me laugh and I can spend time with her and have so much fun. When I´m down I can talk to her about anything and she is always ready to comfort me or hug it's helping for me. she is generally a great friend. she live neighbourhood. She attands second class of the secondary school and she looks more mature than other teenagers. her are hair is short and curel and she checks are large. She often wears jeans , t-shirt and blouse. She is always willing to help. She is also chatty. She likes playing volleyball and tenis. She likes travelling very much. Pizza is her bes meal. We know each other for many years. My friend is also a very warm and loving person; however, she is also stubborn, what sometimes makes it difficult to convince her that she also makes mistakes. All in all, to my mind, nicole is the best friend I could ever find. She has a huge influence on my life way I see the world around me. Thanks to her, I am more open-minded and flexible in life. I am very greatful to have her as my friend, even though I hate it when she says I have to learn more.