Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the picture I can see in the foreground the woman, who is jumping to the swimming pool. She is wearing colorful, striped swimming costume, red cap and special glasses. She appears to be professional swimmer and it is possible that this woman is preparing to the competition. But on the other side she is swimming to relax and it is probably that she enjoyed it. In the background I can see forest. I'm sure that is open swimming poll on the fresh air. Maybe the woman is in public place or it is more possible that she is jumping to her swimming pool in her garden. I think that she has experience in swimming and jumping into the water and she like it.
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Dziewczynka która skacze do wody na główkę w kolorowym kostiumie. :D

The girl who jumps into the water on the head in a colorful costume. : D
On the foreground, in this photo, I can see woman who is jumping to swimming pool. I think this swimming pool is in her garden and it isn't sports swimming pool. She is wearing colour swimsuit, red cap and special glasses. I think she is training to sports competition and she enjoy it. She appears to be professional swimmer. In the background, beind the swimming pool, there's her garden. There are red flowers and a lot of trees. This garden is very pretty.