It made debut in movie role Vanessa Hudgens Noel Trzynastka. It has taken a stand before cameras in movie next case (together; time) Thunderbirds as Tin-tin. However, role has brought genuine fame in (to) three production Gabrielli Montez disneyowskich musical comedy High School, musical comedy 2 High School and musical comedy 3 High School last class. It has appeared in serial also Drake and Josh. Movie is newest cinema cinema project Bandslam, where have been included to role at flank gaelan connell < Self-service store >. It works upon next movies presently - Beastly and Sucker Punch
Debutant album – Vanessy Hudgens V, it has been issued in september by hollywood 2006 Records, studio recording disneyowskie. Videoclip with its (her) first singla, it my Come Back, it made debut along with world premiere of movie of girl in august 2 Cheetah. Official videoclip with its (her) second (other) singla, OK Say, it has been presented during premiere of movie Wskakuj! Second (other) plate (disc) had premiere in united states 1 july – Vanessy Identified, which (who) has been produced by hollywood Records. Earlier, because this plate (disc) has appeared in japan 25 june. Songs will be placed on 12 her (it) and work 3 bonusowe, which (who) will be on issued plate (disc) in japan only. There is from plate (disc) first singlem Sneakernight. It has recorded other work also Vanessa, like with (from) on its (his) album my Still There For Corbinem Bleu Another Side, for elevator Colors Of The DisneyMania5 and probably, < credible > in next editing zaśpiewa DisneyManii. It has appeared for promotion of plate (disc) in program 2 july Vanessa Hudgens Good Morning America, where it talked to Robin Roberts, 1 it program [ ] prezenterką.
It began career as child models already Vanessa Hudgens, where it bore dresses of children's planners. It has taken a stand in (to) several next advertising also. It has taken a stand for in bathing apparel Old Navy Commercial, but it advertised cosmetics in (to) from this series Neutrogena Commercial. Presently become model of mark of roadstead Marc Ecko Commercial. Firms these faces become exactly also Ashley Tisdale and JoJo. There is model of line of clothing network of american store presently Hudgens Sears. It will present dresses, each girl could set up (found) which (who) after return to school first day. iografia:
California has been born in (to) in family ( ) Vanessa Hudgens Salinas Grega Hudgens and Giny Guanco, however, family has been carried for los angeles by the reason of deployment career . Has junior (youngest) sister Stellę, which (who) is actress as child also. In order to become (stay) pediatrist. There is natalia fanką Wood, Alici Keys and Céline Dion. Fathers (parents) have noticed (have remarked) talent how (as) at Vanessy. I organized shows for my fathers (parents) continuously, sorting and different songs singing. They have sent lat (summer; year) in century (age) for school about theatrical profile (outline) 7 . Lat (summer; year) in century (age) playing theater 8 begin, it left with which (who) from 9 year old on presentations. When had lat (summer; year) deduce (move out) from fathers (parents) 12, as could not travel with (from) her (it), because junior (youngest) sister endured it (them) – evil (poorly) < evil > Stella. It lived with protectress in localities, where they presented. Walk from 7 class of primary school for school from the point of view of career stopped. Individual course of instructing has from that (those) time. It has been begun from roles epizodycznych, then greatest role has come on in (to) Noel Thirteen. It has played musical comedy in (to) next Gabriellę Montez High School, it has made that famous . It has been included after this progress to role in (to) again Gabrielli sequelu. It observed premiere on american 17 august 17,2 million of spectator Disney Channel, it has established that in american history of cable tv new record. After premiere (prime minister) in television of movie soon musical comedy High School, executable songs have hit in duet with (from) on american letters of (lists of) hits (success) Zakiem Efronem. Record of advance payment has beaten in quotations Singel Breaking free, from place on 4 within fortnight 86 promoting. It has issued debutant album in (to) 2006 – V. It sell in first week after premiere (prime minister) 70 thousand copies. It has recorded video clips for 2 singli it my Come Back and ok Say. Song has been used its (her) for promotion of american dance with stars ( ) Let's Dance Dancing with the stars. These three songs executed musical comedy during also High School The Concert, where it sang sound path except work from movie. It has issued second (other) solo album 1 july 2008 -– Identified. It has wound one video clip for this plate (disc) only for song - " " Sneakernight. Album has been sold in first week in 22,084 copies or about 12000 less than first album. It was possible to hear new album on antenna of radio in (to) 11 april USA ( ) – promoting she (its; her; it) Disney singel Sneakernight. It make public naked photos in (to) with (from) 6 september 2007 USA 2 [ ] Vanessą Hudgens, certainly < obvious > despite it from cooperation with actress for error not resign apologize Disney Vanessa. 3 ' [ ].
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Vanessa Hudgens is the best actress and the singer in world, urodiła oneself in Salinas in 1988. She is of average height, a brown darkness has the long hair. For her eyes are of brown colour. He has 21 years. Very much I liked the performance for her in the High School film Musical. The most I like the Come Back song with it is with her Me.Vanessa Hudgens already as a child started the career of the model, where wore clothes of children's designers.

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Mu favourite stars is Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Vanessa is an American a singer and actress. She born 14.12.1988 in Salians.In late 2005, she landed the role of shy and meek Gabriella Montez in High School Musical, opposite to Zac Efron.
Vanessa is a tall and slim. She's hair is a long and dark. Her best friend is Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus. Her boyfriend is Zac Efron. Vanessa likes spaghetti and sushi. Her favourite pets it's a dog. Vanessa is a very talented star.
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