Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my opinion the most important is family. Is usually the only one that is given to us from the very beginning, the birth. Is with us all the time throughout our lives. Do not leave us in difficult moments, it is also when there is reason to rejoice. While the friends we choose ourselves, but often it may be a bad choice. Indeed, you can see that the person to whom our trust which we treated as a true friend can be someone else entirely, a cheater or even a traitor. Unfortunately, it is possible also that the "friend" to be withdrawn in the difficult moments for us, leaving us completely alone with their problems. There are very few such persons who are with us always, even when it is very bad.

,, Friendship is a precious thing, do not reject it "- the words of Arthur Golden. I, however, still think that the family is more important than friendship.

Lack of money causes frustration, unnecessary quarrels, family, prompting them to steal. Decreases our quality of life. If we have enough money that they issue only limit we purchase the most needed items