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Hi Lissa Kate Ann !
I am going to write abote my school in England. My school is white, but the doors are yellow. Mrs. Agnes Margharet Terrence teach French and she is my favourite teacher. I like her lessons, because she is always happy. Mr. Andreas George Treasure teach Germany. I don`t like him, cause he is always sad and angry (I`ve got three bad notes). My friends are Michelle Michels and Howard Thomson. Michelle has got a blon hair and brown eyes. She is nice and she now all. Howard hasn`t got hair, but he had a wig ! He isn`t good student (he had only bad notes). This is my school ! What abote your school ? Do you like your school ? Have you got a friends ? Write soon
Deborah Alice Ann Graham
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Jess
I would like you to describe you my great school in England.The school is very very big and has many classes and sport field.School is lacated near park and we always spend our break on talking about boyfriens/girlfriends from our school.My teachers are cool.They can learn and it is the most important.They have very good communication skills.I like IT(informatyka) lesson because we don't anything.We always play the computer games.I like this school because the people are friendly, hospitable and I like them. I don't like school uniform. It is awful and horrible. This is blue shirt with a black skirt.It's old-fashioned. terrible!!!I met many friens here. My best friends name Lisa. She is great and we always help each other. I met great boy.That is Mike.He is Very handsome and I think he like me.I must end my mail because I'm going on date with Mike;))))Se you sonn.