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History of a gentleman from the run-up expedition of Napoleon to Moscow. It is possible to indicate elements of the epic in this work, because he is demonstrating deeds of the all-time greats against the background crucial for the nation of events. He became a national epic, because he expressed the most important plots in the moment, when the nation felt it is essential as well as he revitalized hearts. When you Tadeusz in June of 1834 he left the press, he was accepted through the emigration coldly and with the certain surprise. Agitated with fights and political disputes, thinking only about future fates of the homeland, people for you could not feel the beauty included in the master's, calm image of the past. Only most outstanding minds assessed the extraordinary value of work, like Słowacki and Krasiński. Only a newer literary criticism started sinking into you of Tadeusz, to get every now and then new his advantages – and verging on the second necessity, put unsung through previous generations poem on the peak of our literature as the only work worth the name .

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Work came into existence in years 1832 - 34 in Paris. He consists of twelve written books with poem, with thirteen-syllable Polish alexandrine. This book is about inn on Lithuania. The Polish gentry is a hero of the poem. Motifs which there are appearing it: love interest of Tadeusz and Zosia, motif of the dispute about the lock, Stolnika motif, independence motif. He is translated in 26 languages. In this book Michał Elwiro is an author of the illustration Andriolli. And of automatic_frames of work is Adam Mickiewicz.
My favourite book is "Twilight".This book is very interesting.Writer is Stephanie Meyer. Book is about a girl name Bella and a boy Edward who is a Vampire.They fall in love but Edward is not sure that they can be together couse he is immortal and he don't want to lose Bella.Edwart not likes Bella's friend Jacob.Finally, Edward invites Bella to his home, but his sister Rosalie is not satisfied. Edward's Dad is a doctor in a hospital and Bella studied after an accident in the school parking lot, when Edward had saved her.When the Cullen family and Bella played baseball met vampires who feed on human blood and one of them was James tracker who know that Bella is a man, and pursued her.Grabbed her. To show Edward how much he hates him ,he bite Bella.Edward and his family killed him.Edward sucked the venom from Bella and saved her life.