Twoj kolega,/kolazanka z zagranicy zamierza kupic jakis przenosny sprzet do otwarzania muzyki(mp3, mp4 itp.)
i nie jest zdecydowanay ktory typ wybrac.Napisz e mail(na 120 slowek) W ktorym:
-zachcec kolege /kolezanke do zakupu jednego z wybrancyh typow otwarzaczy
-podaj dlaczego ten typ jest lepszy od pozostalych
-wyjasnij jak mozna korzystac z wybranego otwarzacza
-poinformuj, na co szczegolnie powinien zwrocic uwage p[rzy zakupie sprzetu



Perhaps I will help you to choose the equipment. Best as bys he bought this mp 4 because memory 4 has the G and those have for 1 G. To the set they are giving two big loudspeakers and as well it is very cheap
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Hi Carolina. How are you? How do you go in the new school? I am writing to you because you said to me recently that you want to buy a portable music player. I advise you to buy mp4, because here you can either listen to music and watch music videos and short films, so this device is better than mp3.Jest very easy to use. I know a company in which you can buy them really cheap. When you come to me, together we will go there. And I know from your sister that you have come to us next week, but unfortunately this is not certain. The MP4 player is a few buttons, which are used to switch songs, increase volume library and other basic functions. If you own him you should buy special attention to the company, should be known (a good company is a good product), the best player to have many additional features and, of course, that player was as inexpensive. Good luck on the purchase, and if you come to me. I help you choose the MP4. I hope to see you. Regards. :)

Proszę bardzo ;))