Przeczytaj fragment z pamiętnika z którego usunięto 4 zdania.wstaw zdania oznaczone literami a-e w luki 1-4 tak.aby pasowstał spójny i logiczny tekst.jedno zdanie ni pasuje do zadnego

a first i thought he didn't want to see me any more
b-i waited for hom outside the cinema for thirty minutes but he didn't come.
c-in the end they fund out the thief was someone else and they let robert go home.
d- she didn't belive we were at the cinema
e-they thought he wad at the cinema with me

what a strange day!robert and 1 were planning to go and dee a film after school....i got quite angry.i tired to phone him,but he didn't answer.i phoned agin and again. i started to worry...then i thought perhaps something happened,so i went to his place.hi parents were very surprised...and then the phone was the police.robert was under arrest! his parents drove to the police station at once and they took me with them. it turned out that robert looked like some young man who stole mobile phones from children!the police didn't belive he was innocent.they kept him there for hours and hours .... they said they were very sorry and gave him a big bar of chocolate