Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I passed the matura exam year ago. After that I decidet to have and year break between matura and dtudies. First I went to Brazil. It's a beautifull country. I saw Rio de Janeiro. There was the big carnaval. It was great. When i came back I decidet to stay at home and have a big rest. For most of the time i was sleeping. Couple times I metted witch friend, went to the cinema. It was the best time in my life !!!

11 zdan
One year after the school break learning start of events. I like to meet many new people, make new acquaintances. Recommed then at two week vacation in the Caribbean to relax, unwind and calm down. Przeczytałabym many books that do not have time during the study. Meet the with people whom I saw not long ago. Szukałabym a profession for me. Spędziłabym twochę time in the family circle. Certainly not that it was wasted time.
When it will write and sea imitate with familiar over seem examination for the secondary-school certificate secondary-school intend leave, visit antiques a bit, boat, char on beach, I think, that this plan imitate me