Description. Length of body 70 – 100 cm, tail 35 – 60 cm, mass of body 10 kg – near. Overhead part of body on russet variegated, bottom of body brightest (plainest) a lot. Mode of life. It swims perfectly. Fishes present main pokarm, but food implements rodents also, water birds and muddy. It leaves (go out) on hunting night. It is removed from water very reluctantly. If however, hunger will enforce her (it) for search of food, it is able to take far roams even, damages can make which (who) times in agricultural farms also, hunt home (domestic) poultry. However, there are rare cases (accidentally) presently very. Rozród. Pregnancy lasts at female from 9 for 10 weeks. Female gives birth to, usually < ordinary > in may or in june, from 2 for 4 young. They are blind after birth, eyes open for (after) 4 only – 5 week. They are made independent enough fastly and they learn to hunt along with mother soon. They ripen (mature) for (after) 2 genital or 3 lats (summers; years). They live 10 – 15 lat (summer; year).
Tylko nie wiem czy dobrze xD
(Wąż Eskulapa)

Aesculapian snake is the Greatest appearance snake living in Poland and for Centre Europe. The length of his body can cross 2 m, longest however measured with 225 cm [2]. Males are usually longer than females. Adult specimens are olive-brown. The head and the body, except for the belly are dark brown or olive-Nazi, with around many small, bright small stains. The front body part is usually brighter, and abdominal side straw, with time with dark small stains. A reproduction is an oviparous snake. The mating season in May and June. Females of all sorts populations are folding the different number of eggs – from 2 to 21 – on average 5 – 12 [3]. Eggs are being put in very warm and humid places. After several dozen days from them young snakes are hatching for lengths 20 – the Food is feeding on 30 cm with mice, small mammals, lizards, eggs, chicks, small birds and small snakes. Sometimes he is also eating young invertebrates. He isn't venomous. Hunting the prey is catching it with face and wrapping up he is overburdening with the body and then he is swallowing down.
Appearing in Poland is appearing in Bieszczadach, also on Dunajec River between the Gorce Mountains and Beskid with Sądecki and according to untested data above Popradem. He is very rare. In Europe he is being met from Spain through southern Europe to the Caspian Sea. The north border of appearing is spending him running through France, southern Germany, the Czech Republic and the southern Poland (Bieszczady). He lives in deciduous forests on hilly areas amongst rocks and on strongly sunny slopes, since he is stenothermic. Settlement the Aesculapian snake lives in wooded areas or forest clearings, often in places located in valleys of rivers. Protection Kind under the protection. CR written down in the Polish Red Book of Animals with the category of the threat, i.e. the kind extremely endangered. Curiosity a long time ago was a symbol of physicians. He is also a sign of chemists.

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